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This site is a lot like YouTube or DailyMotion. It allows users to upload videos, transform them in Flash format or in format for PSP or iPod. It is also possible to download videos in more conventional formats easily. And if you are looking to ดูอนิเมะออนไลน์you ca do so on various platforms as well.

However, unlike DailyMotion or YouTube, the site (This Peekvid site hosts its videos on has no length limits for films, which allows you to upload TV series or even films. The quality is also better, but Guba is not limited to simple user uploads. He will also look for his videos on UseNet, newsgroups. Until now, to download from NewsGroups you had to either pay or have an ISP providing it for free (free for example). For the download it was necessary to use a special software (grabit for example) then to recompose the videos which were compressed, with a decompression software. The process was slow and relatively haphazard. But here Guba does all of a sudden, he uploads to UseNet, decompresses the videos and automatically transforms it to watch them on his site. UseNet being a mine for films and videos of all kinds (very often illegally), Guba finds itself with the possibility of broadcasting the latest video series or clips. Video Production production on these series an streams and top notch so rest assure your downloads will be of high quality as well. 

The presentation of the site is still quite rudimentary and the research not easy. The titles are not broadcast above the icon representing the video. As for the legality of the site in question, it is obvious that it is not more legal than YouTube / Dailymotion which broadcasts certain videos (no more than 100 MB or 10 minutes) with copyright. But here the duration of the videos is not limited. On the other hand Guba has a very clear rights policy (see here) and when it comes to UseNet videos it only acts as a converter. The question therefore remains. One can also wonder how the company can be economically viable.

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