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Who says “EURO GUIDE”, says “COUNTRY SHEETS” and “CALENDAR COMMENTS”. In this issue of SO FOOT, you will therefore find all the information you need to follow the Euro a little differently from ordinary fans. Two pages per team with useful information, anecdotes to shine in the machine in the café, at the bar, on the evening bench or even in dinners in town, interviews, the traditional “why they are going to lose / why they are going to win” , etc.

In the “magazine” section itself, enjoy:

Gennaro Gattuso, the interview. In Milan, Stéphane Régy and Vikash Dhorasoo met Rhino Gattuso, who had no tongue in his laces.
Franck Ribéry has the humor that stains. He was honored at the beginning of June with a show in his name, the Franck Ribéry Show, a sort of downright almost-quasi-global event (filmed in Lille, in his native “North”, broadcast on Direct 8 for TV ) in which Francky will be able to make good jokes. Since 2002, the peoplisation of footballers was in decline. And then, Ribéry arrived… Report behind the scenes of the Ribéry Show.
A Port, all rotten. Or how Portugal offers itself a small remake of Moggiopoli with a cod in the middle. A good omen before winning the Euro?
Report from Klagenfurt, the town which will have the pleasure of welcoming German, Croatian and Polish fans at the same time. What is a city like a few weeks before the hottest hooligans in Europe landed?
Chivu can play a central defender or a midfielder. Newly champion of Italy, he is about to sound the charge of the Romanian troops who intend to march on France, Holland and Italy. Portrait. Auxerre, the Romanian invasion. They are three, and three Romanians in the same team, especially in Auxerre rather famous for its Africans and Poles. Investigation into a change of sector …
Caption: Holland celebrates 20 years of its victory at Euro 88. A look back at a competition which saw Holland triumph in a singular political context.
Interview with Buffon, the best tied goal in the world with Casillas.
Guus Hiddink is capable of exploits with Korea, Australia and now Russia. But what the hell is SuperGuus’ secret?

Special international Euro book!
Donadoni, interview with former Milanese who has become national manager
Robben, interview with the best player of the end of the season
Ballack, interview with the one everyone expects as the future best player of the Euro.


Football culture
Kusturica talks about Maradona. Finally, Kusturica’s film is complete. A bit rough, a bit of anything, anyhow, a bit of a mess, a bit deconstructed, a bit disappointing too, for an Emi Kusturica decidedly more at ease with fiction than the documentary.
Anthony LaPaglia. Passionate interview with the FC Hollywood guard, who is in passing, neither more nor less than Jack Malone in FBI: missing. And yeah…


Tennis Ball: Nico & Bruno (for the best tennis racquets in the market right now, visit
The headache: why the British are making the Euro?
Undercover: Behind the scenes of a radio show with Rothen, what is it like?
Turn: Hey, do you have a place for the Euro?
Infiltrator (bis): gonzo report during the derby between the Chivas and the LA Galaxy
Chic Type: Claus Drexel, Franco-German director
Charts: the last European ranking of the season
Test: which coach are you?
Day after day: a month of football in France and Lens in League 2 + Cultural locker room: books, more books … + Football and history: Mozart being murdered. + Loto Foot: Fitoussi, the current French poker star + Pierre la Police

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