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There are many types of survival gear such as otf double action knives that you might need when you travel to wild areas. There are first aid kits, water and food supplies, and tarps. You also have tools and supplies you can use to help when you need to light a fire. You’ll also need some basic medical supplies and items to treat snake bites.

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First aid kit

A first aid kit consists of a range of supplies that can be used in treating many injuries. There are many types of first aid kits, but all include the same basic items. These are bandages, gauze dressings, and antiseptic wipes.

A comprehensive first aid kit is a great help in an emergency situation. It is a good idea that you always have a complete first aid kit on hand.

It is also important that you learn how to make a first aid kit. You can buy a ready-made kit or build one yourself.


You can store survival gear food in many places. While your home is a great place to store food, you can also keep it inside your car or in a basement.

It is best to keep it in a dry, dark place. A good idea is to buy refillable bottles at gas filling stations. It is important to have water that you can carry in your bag, especially if you are in a survival situation.

Another option is to freeze-dry your food. This will keep it fresh for several weeks. It’s also a great way of reducing your carbon footprint since it doesn’t contain animal fat.


Water is vital for food, hydration, and hygiene. In times of crisis, water supplies may not be available or may become contaminated. A water filter is a lifesaver in such situations.

The basic process of water filtering in a survival situation removes any debris or other particles. A water filter can purify water up to gallons and make it safe for consumption.

Straw-style filters are the best, as they are lightweight, portable, and easy to transport. If you’re lucky, you might be lucky enough to find a rain barrel in which to store your filtered water.

ACE bandages

In a pinch, ACE bandages (or similar elastic bandages) can be a lifesaver. They can also be used for first aid purposes. They are great for keeping your chin up after an emergency or for keeping you warm in winter. These bandages can also be used to keep cold or hot packs in place. You can use the same ones on your wrists, ankles, or any other part of your body that is susceptible to injury.


Steri-strips are also known as butterfly bands. They are an easy and affordable way to close wounds. They are made from a hypoallergenic adhesive, which is breathable but not waterproof. They are ideal for closing shallow cuts and incisions. They should not be used on wounds smaller than 1/2 inch in size.

Steri strips are not recommended for wounds on the chest, face, or genital areas. They are not meant to be a replacement for stitches.

They don’t have the same strength as stitching. They are not waterproof and should not be used on wounds with deep blood vessels or joints. They can prevent infection by providing a secure closure for wounds.

Snake bites can be extracted with extractor pumps

An extractor pump for snake bites is an essential item to keep in your survival kit. It can safely remove poisons from the skin and toxins in a painless and safe manner.

It can also be used for bee and spider bites. These bites can be extremely painful and can result in paralysis.

An Extractor Pump for snake bites is easy to use with one hand. Its double chamber pump action makes the extractor pump a very efficient way to get rid venom below the skin.

The suction pump will extract 80% of the poison quickly and painlessly in three minutes. It can also be re-used after each use. It can be used on snake, spider, wasp, and other insect bites.


Tarps are an invaluable tool in survival situations. Tarps can be used for many purposes, including keeping you dry and preventing you from falling to the ground. They are great for protecting your gear and clothes.

Most tarps are made from polyester or polyethylene. These materials are strong and waterproof. They are available in many sizes and thicknesses. They can also be braided to increase strength.

A 10×10 or 8×8 model is the best choice if you have limited space. This size provides enough overhang to provide weather protection, but still leaves plenty of space for a person.

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