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This month, issue 39 of So Foot is released on newsstands for € 2.90. Available from November 30.

Exceptionally, this month you can choose your cover: Coupet or Platini.
If the wicks of one do not come back to you or if the other who freaks out like a Hollywood actor annoys you, the choice is yours.

Two covers, therefore, and two months on newsstands for this issue 39 dated December / January (next issues: an HS on December 14 and SF # 40 on January 29). The content of the magazine, of course, remains the same, regardless of the cover chosen.

In summary :

A succulent interview with Grégory Coupet, where he notably declared “Yes, I’m cheap! “, Where he confides that the spring is now broken with the Blues, that Barthez does not believe in the brotherhood of goalkeepers, that he likes nothing as long as throwing up at the end of training, that he is the best French goalkeeper for five years, that he listens to Linkin Park in the blind before the matches, that he does not understand why all the players of the club wear the same underpants, what Gérard Houllier’s secret is to put the pressure on them, why he admires Jean-Michel Aulas, how his father sank his nightclub, etc. Already cult.

International notebook – Special Platini President: the best interviews of his European campaign, translated from Tuttosport (Italy), A Bola (Portugal), As (Spain) or Offside (Sweden). Eight pages of in-depth interviews to probe those who want to play the football of tomorrow. Sometimes going back a bit …

Survey – porn addicted footballers. A documentary from the BBC had put us in our ears: we wanted to take the footballers hand in the shorts. A sticky investigation into this new addiction, “a sign of the times”, as they say, which consists of spending hours in front of porn movies / sites … To finally play the pornstar!

Football culture – Dummies. Chantal Lauby, Dominique Farrugia and Alain Chabat gathered to talk balloon on four pages. Obviously a little hilarious.

Portrait – Gaël Givet. The Monegasque captain has lost everything in two years: his place in the French team and his dreams of the Champions League. Here he is scrapped against Troyes and Sedan, hoping for a brighter tomorrow. Meeting at La Turbie.

File – Arbitrators, should we be in the dark? Accused of all the evils of the start of the championship, the referees are severely depressed. What if the problem was actually inside? Plunged into the micro-microcosm of arbitration, a clan universe where the tendency is to paranoid. So Foot is also digging into the so-called “cellphones” affair revealed by Le Monde on November 21 and L’Equipe on November 22. Under the title “The Corsican investigation”, Jean-Damien Lesay digs into the matter …

In the panties – Eidur Gudjohnsen. With his hair as blond as wheat, we would give him the good Lord without confession. However, party animal and former gambling addict, Eidur Gudjohnsen has landed in Barcelona to rebuild his virginity – after having made Chelsea’s heyday. The most famous Icelandic after Björk will he manage to suture the private attack of Barça of his best player, Samuel Eto’o? Meeting in Barcelona.

Legend – Ferenc Puskas. Major Galopant will no longer gallop: he died on November 17 at the age of 79. A guy who made us love Hungary obviously deserved the most vibrant tribute.

Soap – Series B Killers. It was early November, in Naples, in an atmosphere of almost civil war between Mafiosi, Juve tumbled to snatch a draw in the hell of San Paolo. Obviously, our reporters attended this duel between the two least Italian cities of the boot. The soap opera “Juve in B” continues …

Meeting – Claude Puel and Eric Lacascade. The Lille coach and the famous theater director did not know each other. After having discussed at length on their respective art here they are full of projects together. Genesis of a love story in So Foot.

+ File: Assistant, a profession of the future or how in L1, the eternal assistants have taken power + Football culture: New York Dolls, as incredible as it may seem, one of the historical members of the group, Sylvain Sylvain, is passionate about football + Report in Haifa, a city bruised by Hezbollah attacks but where the Macabi Maccabees did not die + Akon + CharlElie Couture + Triantafilos + Evra vs Heinze + Meyong Zé + Gonzalo Higuain (google interview) + Krkic + Grand Corps Malade + Porato back from Chelsea + Mickaël Landreau (namesake of the month) + all the usual sections ….
And if paper is not enough: www.sofoot.com

As in the last issue, the first to leave a message will receive a copy of the magazine. Don’t forget to leave your email. This is only valid for metropolitan France.
I did not forget the winners of the last issue but it seems that the post office is having problems with routing.

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